The Details

Intuitive Dashboard

Easy to use, responsive and feature rich. Collaboration X allows you to manage your devices in style! Enjoy a simplistic and responsive user interface, no need for plugins. Collaboration X is compatible with any browser, and can be accessed on all devices. Test it for yourself by signing up for our free trial (no credit card needed).




The workplace is becoming increasingly mobile, and people have to use mobile devices in their work. Mobile devices contain sensitive information, and there are several security aspects to consider when devices are taken out of the office. From an IT perspective, you need to maintain a high level of security, availability and flexibility. Collaboration X ensures that all devices are configured correctly, that necessary security policies are in place. Also, if a device is lost, you can delete all the contents remotely. Images and videos are automatically added to the Media Library add on for instant access. Having Collaboration X onboard will reduce the need for IT support, and free up time for both users and IT managers!


1. Sign up for an account at Collaboration

2. Launch the Collaboration X app on your device

3. Associate the device with your Collaboration X account by logging in, or using the QR code

When the Collaboration X app is authenticated, you are up and running. The association takes less than 2 minutes. The users privacy is maintained and the users is prompted for consent if the privacy setting change. The Collaboration X app is lightweight and does not interfere with battery life or performance on the device.


Configure Directy

  • Device Security Settings
  • Mobile Network Configuration
  • Wi-­Fi Configuration
  • App and Software management
  • Scalable up to 100 000+ devices
  • Media Library media upload service
  • Device Wiping / Deleting

Remote management

  • Access in any browser
  • Deploy in less than 5 minutes
  • Manage SIPIDO settings
  • NAT and Firewall transversal
  • Bandwidth settings
  • Full HD 1080p support
  • Support for Skype, Lync H.264 and WebRTC